The Reluctant Entrepreneur. Not shrugging now am I?

The week before last I saw some Awards blurb for ‘Chester Businesswoman of the Year’ & I vaguely thought about entering them & nominating myself. A couple of clients mentioned it too. But I shelved it & thought I’d look into it if I had a ‘clear’ day….and the deadline crept closer & closer.

And closer.

I thought ‘there’s no point’ ‘I’m not even from Chester’ ‘no-one will have the time to nominate me’ but eventually got round to reluctantly putting something vaguely together. I emailed a couple of clients & candidates & to my utter shock & delight they came back with immediate nominations & beautifully written effusive accolades.

And I was still thinking ‘oh what’s the point’.

So eventually I mustered all my ‘oomph’ & put my full nomination in. With no time to spare unsurprisingly.

I was waiting for an interview last Thursday & I saw an email from the Event Organiser, Black Mango pop into my inbox exactly at the same time my candidate walked in. I saw it was about the nominations & typical me, at the back of my mind, during the interview I thought  ‘oh well at least I made the effort’. I finished the interview, got busy doing other Recruiting things & 3 hours later delved onto my emails & guess what…


And I’m not shrugging now. No ‘Meh-ing’ body language at all.

I’m so thrilled & proud & I really do want to win. I’ve added the Finalists badge to everywhere possible & even told contacts last week at networking & that’s very unlike me.

On this one I am unapologetically going to shout.

To run an SME in this market is tough & to coin a phrase – Every Little Helps. Daily I’m pushing forward & what might be tiny strides to big Corporations are big leaps to me. I make a real difference to candidates’ careers & to clients’ successes. It’s been a huge boost to me.

The final is 30th May & I wish all the Finalists Good Luck & wish we could win.

So take my word for it. It’s usually OK for me to be the Reluctant Entrepreneur but on this one I’m grabbing centre stage & loving it!

I’m Roseanne Stockton & I successfully run Nu-Recruit Career Consultants – I place permanent & temporary candidates of the very best quality into great local employers & jobs in Liverpool, Chester, Wirral & Manchester. In a no-fuss, no nonsense way.

And I love what I do.

Call me if you think my experience will help you get the best candidate for your job! And please feel free comment on my Blog…..

One response to “The Reluctant Entrepreneur. Not shrugging now am I?”

  1. Amy says:

    I love this!

    I’m so glad that you went for it!

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