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You, Me, Permanent Jobs & The ‘Market’

Nu-Recruit, Permanent Jobs & the current fragile jobs ‘Market’…..

I’ve got a smashing little business & as you’ve visited my jobs page (thank you), I thought I’d do a short – very honest – blog to explain why I’ve so few jobs (if any!) on at the minute.

I have thought lots about posting this but in my own way, my transparency & authenticity has become my Brand & this is how I feel & how I operate….So here goes….

I’ve been in Recruiting 27yrs & had my own little successful business for the last 11 & I have never seen things go so tricky, so badly & so fast for the jobs market.

I’m (hopefully) pretty safe from the current storm. I hope to ride it out. I’ve built my business on reputation: I don’t sell, I don’t go out seeking business – my work has come to me through the blessed Word of Mouth & recommendation & my transparently authentic website words that candidates & clients seem to like. I’ll hope to regroup & bounce back as this has seen me through 11 successful years but (here goes) for once in my whole career, I’ve no permanent jobs.

But the reason I’ve very few permanent jobs on at the present time is not only that the market is fragile & furlough has made recruiting quiet ….its also that I’ve CHOSEN to be that way. And this is the important bit.

I’ve decided to only deal with credit checked, recommended & SOLID employers during this insane time where the jobs market is in such a fragile state of flux. In short, it’s very much not ‘Business As Usual’ & I couldn’t consciously take an employed candidate (not ideal for unemployed either really. Your mental health takes a big knock at times like this) out of their permanent job to place them in another one & then run the risk they’d be let go. Or have the job offer rescinded. Not in this market. It would be the worst thing I can imagine. And its happening. A lot.

And so I’ve decided, in the main, to only take work once we see some recruiting clarity & the employers I trust are sensing that too. Employers aren’t settled yet, but when they are they’ll want the brilliant candidates I’ve a name for. Could be a matter of post Summer 2020, might be longer but I’ll be here at the end of it.

If you’re not working & the right role comes along, you’ll see me advertise it & it’ll be business as usual. And I never say never – I know my customers well & every employer & candidate has individual circumstances. And I work with characters, individual stories & backgrounds.

I’m still here & my amazing, loyal clients are calling checking in on me & champing at the bit for this to be over as they want to add to their teams (this is not ‘bull’) but right now, I can’t bring myself to put anyone in that impossible position for personal business gain.

Haters gonna hate & if this seems like a strategy your Recruitment Agency is dead against & I’m breaking ranks choosing this path…I can’t help that. This is my business. My decision & it’s not taken lightly at all.

So – best wishes & best of luck to you all & I am going nowhere.


Stay Safe. Observe the Lockdown. Work if you have to. Go Home

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