Resign with your head – not your heart!

Nu-Recruit offers a personal recruiting service second to none - K. Herbert. M.D.Yesssss!!! You got that new job & you’re excited, thrilled & so pleased with yourself. Now…the hard part. To resign.

I’ve been a recruiter for 20 years & I’m telling you now, more than ever, you need to get that resignation in & stick to it. Employers are making it difficult for candidates that have chosen to leave & really ‘tugging’ on heart strings & some are even asking for longer notice.

I accept its tough to resign. I accept you feel bad…but why? You chose to look for another job for your own reasons & what you must do is remind yourself of what those original reasons were. Yes you might come under immense pressure to change your mind & working your notice might truly suck for the week or the month you have to stick at it, but you chose that path for sensible (mostly) & important reasons.

So what are the steps to a ‘good’, healthy resignation:

  • Never ever EVER resign without something from your new employers in writing.
  • Keep your notice factual, brief & polite & state your ideal leaving date.
  • Know your notice. Be strong & stick to that notice. If you think it’s a week & they beg you to stay the month & you give in, it might & most likely will, jeopardize your new role.
  • If you feel you want to negotiate more money on your offer – that’s fine but do it before resigning & ensure you’ve been clear from the get-go about your current salary. Cheeky, late in the day ‘thrown-in’ upped salaries can scupper an offer.
  • If you get a counter offer to stay…’s up to you what to do. Just know that it can mean that your current employers, once the dust settles can make your life harder further down the line as it often carries a little edge of bitterness & also think: why weren’t you good enough for that money from the start?
  • Finally back to my original point: just resign. Do it. Stop worrying & get it in! Don’t allow your heart strings to be tugged. Be brave & stick to your guns!

Lately we are seeing counter offers to staff that employers don’t want to lose & only you can decide if another £1,000 is worth taking. In the long run I’ve never seen a counter offer work out, but weigh up the offer with what else is on the table, keep your own counsel & take a little bit of time. Your decision has to be just that…yours.

I’m Roseanne Stockton. Chester SME Business Woman of 2013 & I successfully run Nu-Recruit.

We place permanent & temporary candidates of the very best quality into great local employers & jobs in Liverpool, Chester, Wirral & Manchester. In a no-fuss, no nonsense way.

And I love what I do. And I’m good at it!

Call me if you think my experience will help you get the best candidate for your job! And please feel free comment on my Blog…..



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