Not all Recruiters are the same!

Lately I’ve seen a little upturn in the trend for ‘ReApplescruiter / Agency bashing’ online & I just wanted to stick up a little for us here.

Recruiting is a strangely hard job. I admit it’s not coalmining nor building houses in Siberia; but it’s so hard to please all parties & demands a delicate skill that’s unusually overlooked…..sometimes by employers (clients), lots by candidates & interestingly enough, by many Recruiters themselves. My role is just so unlike the blunt instrument most ‘Agency bashers’ would cite….it’s just nothing like that.

And….here’s why:

We interview daily (in some ways both candidates & clients as both require testing listening skills) & it’s an art & is about listening as much for what’s not said as much as what is said.

We have to finely balance giving very awkward (& sometimes downright odd) feedback whilst also trying to get the candidate to listen to the plain facts that might help them next time around.

We need to manage the process & damage limitations that can occur during disappointments, let downs, mood swings & ‘vibes’, missing the buses for interviews, deciding to take an unscheduled ‘duvet day’ & just not trying.

And we need to be brilliant at ‘second guessing’ with both & indeed ALL parties.

And at all times we truly have to have the long term goal of client / candidate relationships at heart.

Speaking for myself, I don’t do this job for a fast buck. That’s a complete myth about good recruiters.

If you catch yourself rolling your eyes at this point, through all this try & remember, my product is a person & my clients are people. My ‘stock on the shelves;’ are humans & as I once stated in a previous blog…..its not like selling a tin of beans. Candidates have their own varied, tricky & wonderful personalities, as do clients.

I believe firmly that we do a relevant, necessary job. We save clients’ time = money & we solve recruiting issues. I AM AN EXPERT!

I unashamedly am!

We open up areas to candidates that they’d never get into. A bright Recruiter will meet a candidate & realise that though they don’t have the wording on their CV to make it in an area they really want to get into – they’ve got the personality. The slant / attitude that’s needed.

A good recruiter will give a candidate feedback that could make all the difference the next interview around: I’ve placed candidates that have gone into interviews & categorically would not have got the jobs without my time & effort.

A good recruiter places candidates in jobs they can’t believe suit them so well.

And a good recruiter is happy to speak to potential candidates. Yes – really SPEAK to them…not fend off with a blanket ‘one size fits all’ email.

I’m Roseanne Stockton & I successfully run Nu-Recruit Career Consultants – I place permanent & temporary candidates of the very best quality into great local employers & jobs in Liverpool, Chester & Wirral. In a no-fuss, no-nonsense way.

And I love what I do.

Call me if you think my experience will help you get the best candidate for your job! And please feel free comment on my Blog…..

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