Lockdown 3, The Permanent Jobs Market & Me!

Nu-Recruit, Permanent Jobs & the current fragile jobs ‘Market’…..

I’ve got a smashing little business & as you’ve visited my jobs page (thank you), I thought I’d do a short – very honest – blog to explain why I’ve not many jobs on at the minute.

I have thought lots about posting this but in my own way, my transparency & authenticity has become my Brand & this is how I feel & how I operate….So here goes….

I’ve been in Recruiting 27yrs & had my own little successful business for the last 11 & I have never seen things so tricky in the permanent jobs market.

I’m (hopefully) pretty safe from the Covid storm. I hope to ride it out. I’ve built my business on reputation: I don’t sell, I don’t go out seeking business – my work has come to me through the blessed Word of Mouth & recommendation & my transparently authentic website words that candidates & clients seem to like. I’ll hope to bounce back literally overnight & get busy again as this has seen me through 11 successful years but,frankly, there’s not much in the way of quality jobs (the kind I love working on) around right now.

And that bit is important. I CHOOSE the jobs I work on as I choose the clients I’m involved with.

As an experienced Recruiter – one who has the best interests of candidates right up front, I’ve always felt very responsible (& indeed privileged) to be behind the movement of a candidate from one role into another. But it isn’t ‘Business As Usual’ & to consciously take an employed candidate (not ideal for unemployed either really. Your mental health can take a big knock at times like this) out of their current permanent job to place them in another one….now more than ever I need to be cautious & certain of the job & the candidate. I can’t bear the thought of starting a candidate & them being let go or having the job offer rescinded. Not in this market. It would be the worst thing I can imagine. And it is happening.

And so till Lockdown 3 ends & vaccines start to hit the economy, permanent jobs will be quite a flat market. I need to sense some clarity & the employers I trust are sensing that too. Employers aren’t settled yet, but when they are, they’ll want the brilliant candidates I’ve a name for. Could be a matter of late Spring 2020, might be a bit longer, but I’ll be here at the end of it.

So yes, its quite quiet for now but when the right permanent role comes along, you’ll see me advertise it & it’ll be business as usual. And I never say never – I know my customers well & every employer & candidate has individual circumstances. And I work with characters, individual stories & backgrounds.

I’m still here & my amazing, loyal clients are calling checking in on me & champing at the bit for this to be over as they want to add to their teams (this is not ‘bull’) but right now, its just all so very tricky.

Haters gonna hate & if this seems like I’m breaking ranks choosing this ‘quiet is better than risk’ path…I can’t help that. This is my business. My decision & it sits fine with me. Business gains can wait – it’s not worth risking dodgy jobs that could leave a candidate out of work.

So, I’m here, albeit not as busy as I’ve been over the last 11 years but yes here, still dealing with the odd amazing job & temps & looking forward – really looking forward to us all ‘getting there’.



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