Life Lessons…..10 Years in Business

In July 2009 I decided to do something I honestly hadn’t wanted to & didn’t have any yearning for – but a confluence of events made it really my Best Option. So registered my Company name with Companies House & sat at my iMac (on a PC now ha) & wondered what the hell came next.
It’s been (chuck in every possible description you can) a roller-coaster, a minefield, a decade of ups & downs & at times (often) I’ve felt embattled & alone. Which is only right as I am.
But this blog isn’t to describe how I got here. Its to tell you what I’ve Iearned! This isn’t the ONLY way it can work but it’s the way it’s worked for me.

1. Try if at all possible, to start with a bit of money behind you. I’m being a realist. Things cost SO MUCH MORE & take so much longer than you think. Why would you know that pre this step? It buys you time & truly does take some panic away in the early days.
2. Have ONE THING you know you’re good at & identify it & stick with it. Certainly, diversify with time but I just knew I was Only A Good Recruiter. I had & wanted nothing else to offer. Its still the same to be honest!
3. Do not fall down the rabbit hole of ‘EVERYONE IS DOING GREAT BUT ME’. Everyone IS winging it. Its dead true! LinkedIn will sell you a tale of world domination. At networking, folks state how amazing they are & you’ll sit & you’ll feel in awe of them only for them to turn up in a different guise 4 months later…& then in another one a year later. When you’re a ‘newbie’ you’ll read, watch & feel in the shadow of ‘entrepreneurs’ & will often turn that on yourself & feel under-ambitious. Don’t. Time really does matter & if they’re in different jobs every 3 months – what does that tell you about them? Its bluster!
4. We’re brought up being told to dream big. I challenge that. And I’d only had 3 previous jobs & all were for big national organisations. But…wait…. what if BEING SMALL BUT EXCELLENT was a mantra? It’s much easier being The Boss of a team when you had that Big Company dynamic & framework: HR support/ Payroll / tons of staff & peers to support you? It 100% WAS for me. Now, just managing myself is enough & truly early on I decided small feels more authentic, more accurate, more beautiful, more incisive & effective. Less clunky. And though that’s a business arc I have really wrestled with (as I loved being a man-manager) but look…. It’s just me & yes, I’ve done ok! If growth is for you – I get it – I do. But it isn’t for everyone. Don’t be afraid to admit it’s not for you!
5. Don’t try & think too far ahead. It’s important to plan yes but accept that you’re not being asked for P&L projections like you were in your previous jobs. You can & can’t nail figures. Don’t fixate on that at the cost of worrying – just do your best.
6. You can’t take holidays & enjoy them like you used to. Not if you’re intrinsically locked into your business. If you & you’re it. Many a day at the beach (well not many as I rarely go away) has been marred by errant temps & rescinded job offers. Accept that will happen (this is much harder doing than it sounds as obviously the less breaks you get the more you’re desperate for them) It helped as before this I had a decade of mad wonderful holidays. So (to a degree) I’ve been there – done that!
7. Get help in from areas you’re not good at. IT. Accountants. Payroll. Website building & pay happily for it. Its not what I do – I recruit. My time faffing about is very much lost fees. Get help in.
8. Find a way of working that suits you. But don’t JUST work. (Caveat: I am a Spartan. I don’t take breaks & I wish I was better at practicing what I preach) But take the breaks. Go out for walks, try & get into podcasts….I’m going to leave this point now as I do NONE of the above but I’d be better if I did.
9. Don’t over promise. Do show up. Stick to what You’re Good At. Don’t ignore your inner voice when you’ve concerns. Credit check all business. These small things have stood me in VERY good stead.
10. It will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Think of something so endlessly hard – it was & it still, harder than that. Its relentless too. I can’t be ill, can’t be lazy, always must be ‘en pointe’ And remember lots of good businesses crash. You must & can only daily, DO YOUR BEST & try & not take things personally (no idea how you do that) but hopefully you’ll Build It & They Will Come.
Note: not once have I used the word SUCCESS. There’s a lesson even in that! Your Success might not be my measure. Treat your goals & highlights as individual. That I’m still here & not dead from work & love what I do is as good as it gets……

 I’m Roseanne & I successfully run Nu-Recruit– I place permanent & temporary candidates of the very best quality into great local employers & jobs in Chester, Liverpool, & Wirral. In a no-fuss, no-nonsense way.
And I love what I do.
Call me if you think my experience will help you get the best candidate for your job!
And please feel free comment on my Blog…..

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