If You’re Gonna Do It, Do It Right!

This week is a first. I’ve recruited for 25yrs & yesterday I offered a job to a candidate & the subsequent offer of employment letter I was copied into knocked me off my feet. It was generous, warm, amusing & cooperative. It was more than a statement of fact….it was a truly ‘welcome to the family’ letter & it nailed the offer. Nailed it.

Earlier in the week I offered 2 jobs. One letter was vaguely begrudging as the candidate had been crowbarred into staying a couple of days longer than his anticipated notice & the client wasn’t thrilled though all parties were warned by me that this was probably going to happen as notices rarely get accepted well. The other letter was a perfunctory template letter which is probably the one I see most, the norm. All 3 were from SME businesses’.

So what was it about this offer that wowed me (& indeed her!)

In my opinion, the quality of the candidate demanded going that little bit further. Firstly he refenced something amusing that was discussed in interview. That’s cute, relevant & will have made her feel like she was listened to. Secondly, the ‘small’ offer of a new office chair that the incoming candidate must chose pre-start date was fun & gave the impression they cared about her, cared about including her opinions & choices in her new environment. Finally, the offer of a celebratory meal out for her & her husband on him goes to unheard-of lengths. And think about it….what really does all that cost him? He needed a new office chair for her, but that she chooses it is indicative of a positive & inclusive attitude to employees. The ironic thing about this cute, thoughtful offer (the client doesn’t know this) is that in the incoming candidates current place of work, a heavily pregnant candidate has begged for a new chair, hasn’t got one & leaves on maternity next month!

It’s a small effort to make this candidate feel wanted, to make her feel like she’s the quality they were looking for. And of course, its amazing PR for this client & again….at what cost?

Of course, cynics (including me) can say “well it’ll count for nothing if she doesn’t start or gets a counter offer” & maybe so. But the fall out will or won’t happen, regardless of the gestures contained in that offer. I go the extra mile to be let down, but it doesn’t stop me going that extra mile.

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And I love what I do.

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