Candidates & their ‘Curriculum Vitea’s’

I read yesterday that three quarters of candidates CV’s get rejected if they contain mistakes. And my honest response is….really – only that few?


This blog is borne out of hearing of this statistic on the same day as receiving a CV that seemed to go against everything that’s happening ‘out there’ in the jobs market & I though it was worth sharing.


Firstly I bother. I read into CV’s. I check facts & even if no good for the particular role, I reject EVERY CV personally. I do allow for mistakes & I give people a chance. I will ask rather than discount & though I’ve got very high standards on behalf of my company & my clients…I get that we all have strong & weak points. Indeed mine is IT. But I got a CV yesterday from a reasonably good candidate who I’d rang 3 times (this was my last go) & who when answered the phone sounded quite disinterested. But I persevered as I think you have to go forward & again – give people a chance.


At this stage it’s crucial to tell you that this candidate sent her CV voluntarily into me. For an advertised, specific, live & very much applied for role (140 CV’s in 9 days.) During the (one sided) conversation I asked what her min basic was. £19k was her response. I asked her what she’d been on. £16k was her response. So I then asked her why she applied for a role that was advertised at £17k? To which she answered ‘oh I just apply for anything & everything – who were you again & what job was it?’

I’ll repeat. Looking for £19k.


Now, if I was a different kind of recruiter, I could have had the last cruel laugh. But I didn’t as I then dropped the bombshell that she might struggle with that salary – bearing in mind the actual words on the top of her CV (sorry ‘Curriculum Vitea’), in 18 point Verdana were spelled incorrectly.


I think she might’ve heeded my comment & changed it – but bearing in mind she’s after £19k – she possibly didn’t need nor want my advice.


I’m Roseanne Stockton & I successfully run Nu-Recruit Career Consultants – I place permanent candidates of the very best caliber into great local employers & jobs in Liverpool, Chester & Manchester. In a no-fuss, no nonsense way.

And I love what I do.


Call me if you think my 19 years of experience will help you get the best candidate for your job! And please feel free comment on my Blog…..

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