Tenacity often WINS the day.

Tenacity, Speed & decisiveness – again – wins the day. in job applications Tenacity, Speed & decisiveness – again – wins the day.

This year has been a BELTER. We’ve placed some smashers & some placed fast & easily as they were spotted a mile off & they were whizzy at getting back to us & responding. So once found, it was ‘all systems go’. I’ll bet we had others just as good languishing in CV’s & inboxes that were also contacted, but the best men (or women) won the day. So why…..

I’ve blogged about similar before & this is a short, sharp blog about it.

If you’ve got a mobile (& really – who hasn’t) SWITCH IT ON.

Don’t tell people you can’t call them back as you’ve no credit & don’t have a MAD voicemail. So you loved singing along to Shania Twain & have recorded it as your message? That’s not going to impress a ‘me’  much (!) & it’ll certainly not impress a HR Manager in a Times Top 100 Company.

Ring back asap & if on voicemail…..guess what – leave a message. Sounds obvious but lots of calls don’t & it baffles us. Totally.

Respond to emails as fast as you can. We recruited & placed a candidate that was mailed on a Tuesday, met Thursday afternoon & interviewed & placed on the Friday. Incidentally she drove up from Reading to meet me & then drove back. For a £15k job! But my point specifically is, whilst I’ve arranged to meet her, registered her & placed her,  emails are still drifting into inboxes from possibles that were contacted within an hour of her.

Lost opportunities & perhaps a lost dream job.

Finally – so you get to meet me, I love you & think the client will too. They want to see you in 2 days time. It’s a really blunt fact that 9 times out of 10, the ones that can’t make the interview just get passed over. I’m not saying you’re any better or worse than the ones that go, but it usually pans out that you’re sidelined & get forgotten about.

Tenacity & speed & action wins the day.

I’m Roseanne Stockton & I successfully run Nu-Recruit Career Consultants – I place permanent & temporary candidates of the very best quality into great local employers & jobs in Liverpool, Chester & Wirral. In a no-fuss, no nonsense way.

And I love what I do.

Call me if you think my experience will help you get the best candidate for your job! And please feel free comment on my Blog.

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  1. Great blog Roseanne, when I was a recruiter, speed of response was drummed into me. In such a competitive industry with a variety of recruiters all offering great services, it can be a crucial differentiator.

    It’s such a shame that so many candidates (regardless of sector) don’t have the same ethos. Carpe diem and all that!


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