So it’s a New Year….only YOU can make it a New Job New Year!

Mondays Sucks

This is quick ‘Wham Bam’ Blog.

It’s aimed at all candidates dreading this Monday (& every Monday). Those ones sitting ‘on the fence’ of looking for work, not sure whether to take the plunge & all those other stupid anecdotes.

And it’s to say DON’T FALL FOR THE OLD GUBBINS of New Year New Job!!! Please – I beg you….don’t do it as y’see a JOB IS FOR THE YEAR, not just January.

Just take time. Think carefully before you move. Don’t be seduced by the crummy weather & the walk from the car that’s gotten on your nerves for the past 3 years. Don’t think ‘well its January – better get a new job. Its what people do’. Just don’t.

And this is why: I’ve been in recruiting 20 years & this is the month I approach CV’s & new calls from candidates with extreme caution. I get the feeling time & time again that they feel they ‘should’ look for work. They want to cast around to see ‘what’s out there’ but really, they’re not serious about it & we employers, we Recruiters, sense it. The worst case scenario: you get a job to engineer a counter offer from your current role. Just don’t. At best it buys you 3 months. Best case scenario we place you or you accept the offer only to think ‘eeek I’ve gone & done it now but actually where I am isn’t that bad after all. It might even buck up in February. I’ll stay’

Of course you could leave then there’s even better out there. Fair to say in this market – don’t become a ‘job hopper’. CV suicide.

Go back to work. Settle in. Look with honest eyes & think ‘is it time?’ & yes it might be. Still even then, quietly accept that grass can look greener. And if you get to February & the rain & the windy walk to work from the car still hacks you off & just feel that you now know it’s time. Then what are you waiting for….call us!

I’m Roseanne Stockton. Chester SME Business Woman of 2013 & I successfully run Nu-Recruit.

I place permanent & temporary candidates of the very best quality into great local employers & jobs in Liverpool, Chester, Wirral & Manchester. In a no-fuss, no nonsense way.

And I love what I do. And I’m good at it!

Call me if you think my experience will help you get the best candidate for your job! And please feel free comment on my Blog…..

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