Had a January setback? Try & see it as a positive

Persistence Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds. Persistence in job applications;This last month it’s fair to say there’s been an unfortunate run of Temp bookings that have come in (as always with Temp work) on ‘the last minute’ & interested parties have been rang, references gone for & candidates pleased they’ve secured something, got all ready for day one…..& then the temp job has been cancelled.

And we’ve had a few permanent jobs that have been all go. Mad flurries of activity, interviews held, fab feedback given that has led to quick second interviews & hopes built up…..all to come to nothing for the candidates that didn’t get it. And yes, for every successful candidate – there’s usually 3 or 4 we have to call to say…..sorry but it’s a no.

So I thought worth sending a quick blog out to say that though a lot of our roles as recruiters does revolve around saying no, it’s just the cycle candidates / applicants have to go through to eventually & hopefully get a Temp or Perm job. It might feel particularly disappointing to you – but lots of others are going through it too. Indeed it might help you to remember the nature of our role is to reject more candidates than we offer. And temping does involve chopping & changing the goalposts – but candidates need to know that we hate doing it as much as you hate hearing it. We don’t make those calls lightly at all.

Try & remember that for every temp booking that goes ahead, we get several calls investigating who’s around, which types of candidates are free, when are they free for, how long etc etc & of course once they want the Temp – we have to ring around. The first blow can happen here: it’s a fact that if you’re not the quickest one to call back – you can miss the opportunity. That’s the nature of the temping beast. And Temp jobs can & do change initial parameters & end up being shorter than initially thought. But this can & does both ways: do a good job once in the role & our bookings often get extended. Rarely do we have temp jobs that shorten.

And on the permanent side, even if you don’t get that job there are positives: see feedback as a good thing. We insist on it from our clients & indeed, expect it. We deliver it to candidates & rarely is it anything else but useful. If your Recruiter doesn’t tie up those loose ends by giving you feedback – I’m telling you, go make a nuisance of yourself! You gave up your time; the least they can do is get feedback for you. And your part is to listen & act on that feedback. It could make all the difference next time.

We know things can go pear-shaped & in job seeking, disappointments / set backs are part & parcel of the experience. Yes you took the time to send your tailored CV & all you get back is a “thanks for applying, but no good” email back. Yes Temps bookings can collapse at the last minute. Yes, no-one wants a call rejecting you for a job you really really thought was perfect, but that’s job seeking for you.

Try & see all set backs as steps towards honing your cover letters, working on your CV, building on feedback to gain stronger interview skills. Eventually you’ll succeed. You’ll do it. You’ll crack it! Persistence will pay off.

I’m Roseanne Stockton & I successfully run Nu-Recruit Career Consultants. We proudly place permanent & temporary candidates of the very best quality into great local employers & jobs in Liverpool, Chester & Wirral. In an authentic, expert, no-fuss, no-nonsense way.

And we love what we do.

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