Are the days of the ‘shoo-in’ candidate numbered?

July & August have been surprisingly busy. Recruiting ‘traditionally’ (not that there is anything traditional about this market) goes quiet during these holiday weeks. Not this year.

And what started off as a little observation has actually now struck me as starting to become less of a one off & more of a real pattern of recruiting & its quite surprising. Even more so when you remember how flooded the market is & given the ‘recession’ we’re in.

Lately absolute dead matches for the jobs I’ve taken: ‘shoo ins’ if you will, have fallen a little out of recruiting fashion. I’ve had dead ringers for roles, candidates that I literally cannot wait to get off the phone taking the job to call them & clients that can’t believe their luck at finding them ONLY for them to go through one, two & EVEN three interviews to be rejected. And in their place I’ve been offering candidates’ the roles with a background I’d call perhaps ‘riskier.’

They’ve also, more likely, been chosen more after one interview accompanied by a good dose of ‘gut feeling’ & thus far not one candidate that’s started has done anything else but wow the client. And me!

To explain ‘risk’ – I don’t mean a candidate with a tattooed forehead or someone that showed up 3 times late for interview. I mean a candidate that on paper, has no similar background, with several redundancies or job moves behind them. Candidates who in person knock your socks off but on paper just look unlikely to fit the puzzle. And these candidates are just turning up to interview, knowing they’ve got to fight that bit harder & thus proving to me & my clients that they really WILL go the extra mile & they WON’T let the opportunity slip by.

An interesting spin on traditional recruiting experience & not at all the way you think recruiting would go in these very tough times.

There’ll always be a need for more technical roles with particular skills that will match the perfect candidate with skills ranked slightly above the candidate Team fit / attitude – but it used to be thus almost everywhere & it’s tangibly changed.

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And I love what I do.

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